MPS I Registry

MPS I Registry: Dedicated to learning more about MPS I and improving the lives of patients

The MPS I registry is a global resource dedicated to helping physicians better understand MPS I. The MPS I Registry is sponsored, administered, and led by Sanofi exclusively. This registry is an ongoing, observational database that tracks patient history and outcomes in MPS I.

The MPS I Registry collects clinical data on patients worldwide to help healthcare professionals better understand MPS I and its management. The registry specifically tracks information on patient demographics, disease characteristics, treatment goals, and outcomes. Participation is voluntary and may involve long-term follow-up.

The registry database may help you by:

  • Providing individualized patient reports and informative clinical summaries
  • Encouraging physician collaboration and sharing of expertise
  • Facilitating important publications

In addition, physicians may publish their own data or analyses of aggregate registry data.

To learn more, please visit:

MPS, mucopolysaccharidosis

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